• Motor Mountings

    Motor Mountings

    Motor Mountings size 210 to 490 Motor Mountings size 0 to B
  • Motor Slider Rails

    Motor Slider Rails

    Slider Rails    (Steel Slider Rails ,  Cast Iron Slider Rails)
  • GE coupling

    GE coupling

    GE Torsionally fiexible coupling (GE Coupling .Material: AL,GG25,GGG40,Steel)
  • Cast iron sprockets

    Cast iron sprockets

    Cast Iron Sprockets for roller chains  06B  08B  10B  12B  16B  20B  24B  28B  32B
  • GF coupling

    GF coupling

    GF Coupling        GF-Teeth Coupling
  • Finishied bore srprockets

    Finishied bore srprockets

    Finishied bore sprockets for roller chains,teech: induction hardness(hrc45-55),final bore tolerance H7; roughness value RA1.6,keyway to DIN 6885/BS4235,islocated on center line of tooth.Two grub screw holes. 06B(PITCH-9.525MM)  08B(PITCH-12.70MM)   10B(PITCH-15.875MM)   12B(PITCH-19.05MM)  16B (PITCH-25.4MM)    20B (PITCH-31.75MM)
  • Adaptors


     Adaptors for Pilot Bored components allow them to take standard taper lock bushes.This added convenience Removes the need to drill,tap and tape-bore. PM adaptors  KM adaptors
  • Weld On Hubs

    Weld On Hubs

    Taper Bore Weld-on-hubs out of steel,drilled.Tapped nd taper bored toreceice tandard Taper Bushes. W/WG Weld-on-hubs WM weld-on-hubs WH Weld-on-hubs