• Taper Bush

    Taper Bush

    Taper bushes are the most convenient and cost effective method of fixing components to a mating shaft without using any special tools. Taper bushes are already provided with the required bore, keyway, threaded holes and setting screws, thus allowing to save time and money on machining processes. All taper bushes in our range are designed for use with all the following products: Chain sprockets V-belt pulleys Timing belt pulleys Flexible couplings HRC couplings Weld-on hubs INSTALLATON  (1) Af...
  • HTD Taper Bore timing Pulleys

    HTD Taper Bore timing Pulleys

    HTD Taper Bore Timing Pulleys  5mm Pitch 5M-15   34-5M-15~150-5M-15 Material:  Steel, Cast Iron 
  • Tyre Coupling

    Tyre Coupling

    Tyre Coupling  (Size 040 to 060 ;Size 070 to 250) B Tyre Coupling , F Tyre Coupling, H Tyre Coupling. Pilot Bore flange,Taper bore flange.
  • Gear & Racks

    Gear & Racks

    Gear&Racks Type-A Type-B 
  • Bolt on Hubs

    Bolt on Hubs

    Bolt-on-hubs are designed for use with the universally accepted taper bushes .They provide a convenient means of securing fan rotors. They provide a convenient means of securing fan rotors. Impeller,agitators and other devices which must be fastened firmly to shafts. BF Bolt-on-Hubs SM Bolt-on-Hubs Assembly Hubs
  • Motor Mountings

    Motor Mountings

    Motor Mountings size 210 to 490 Motor Mountings size 0 to B
  • Motor Slider Rails

    Motor Slider Rails

    Slider Rails    (Steel Slider Rails ,  Cast Iron Slider Rails)
  • GE coupling

    GE coupling

    GE Torsionally fiexible coupling (GE Coupling .Material: AL,GG25,GGG40,Steel)
  • Cast iron sprockets

    Cast iron sprockets

    Cast Iron Sprockets for roller chains  06B  08B  10B  12B  16B  20B  24B  28B  32B
  • GF coupling

    GF coupling

    GF Coupling        GF-Teeth Coupling
  • Finishied bore srprockets

    Finishied bore srprockets

    Finishied bore sprockets for roller chains,teech: induction hardness(hrc45-55),final bore tolerance H7; roughness value RA1.6,keyway to DIN 6885/BS4235,islocated on center line of tooth.Two grub screw holes. 06B(PITCH-9.525MM)  08B(PITCH-12.70MM)   10B(PITCH-15.875MM)   12B(PITCH-19.05MM)  16B (PITCH-25.4MM)    20B (PITCH-31.75MM)
  • GS coupling

    GS coupling

    GS Backlash-free Jaw Couplings GS Standard types for size 5 to 38 hub material is aluminium/for size 42 to 90 hub material is steel.